Chain of Custody System (CCS)

Challenge: Increasing visibility across the supply chain network through all tiers for assets and products, guaranteeing operational efficiency and delivery to customers.

Result: Estimated 30% reduction in lost and damaged assets, improved schedule accuracy, and providing supply-chain transparency and real-time condition monitoring for assets tracked by the system.

What are we doing?

Lost and late supply-chain production items can cause significant loss in productivity, hitting suppliers hard and costing millions per year. Smarter monitoring of critical assets in transit will enable a digital Certificate of Conformity to be created, ensuring the product is within acceptable standards when it arrives.

This industrial application will use 5G to track and observe asset conditions in transit. Assets - in this instance, a tool or part - will have sensors attached or be carried in smart containers or boxes that have sensors and connections to 5G. The sensors will provide feedback on asset conditions which could be environmental such as temperature; events such as shock or exposure to extremes; or location using GPS.

The data will be utilised to better track the location of assets and respond to events that take them outside tolerances.

Why are we doing it?

This use case seeks to explore solutions to a number of challenges:

  1. Optimising packing based on layouts and 3D nesting. A particular challenge is that this is heavily dependent upon the material and fragility/sensitivity.
  2. Understanding of an asset’s state in a journey; the condition and location at the start, during and end of a journey.
  3. Develop a solution that is agnostic to sensors and hardware
  4. Creating a centralised tracking of a product through the supply chain - achieved using sensor
  5. data derived from smart containers and assets themselves.